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AdverseKing Feb 26, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Hi, I've had a bit of an annoyance with my 59 plate bhp 2. Whenever I pull off in 1st gear from a standing start I have to be really conscious of how I work the clutch with the accelerator so as not to cause a large 'shudder' throughout the car.

Most of the time, the way to overcome this is by taking the revs up to about rpm and easing in the clutch slowly, which reduces the effect. A normal gentle start at around rpm will produce the shudder. I tried pulling off with just the clutch the other day, almost feels the same as with starting off with any power under rpm.

Or when I'm trying to accelerate fast from stationary, if I don't have high revs the shudder is massive and and I almost stall when I quickly take my foot off the clutch and put my right foot down.

It does feel like I'm trying to start a car with only the clutch Absolutely fine when changing up through the other gears. Last edited: Feb 26, AdverseKingFeb 26, My wife has an A5 2. Hope this helps and let me know how you get on. Audi DynamikFeb 26, Audi just did a software update on the car free of charge under warranty and everything is ok now, if something happens to clutch now its out of warranty i can just say look its been back for the clutch once before so they will have to repair it.

Audi DynamikFeb 27, Thanks for the suggestions so far. I've booked it in to the garage for next wednesday, I'll let you know what the outcome is. As with most problems, I hope they can just figure it out and tell me! AdverseKingFeb 27, Thanks for that. Ill give it a go too. My Cab had a clutch judder, but only when cold and nowhere near as bad as yours sounds.

Anyway it went into audi and turned out the Dual mass flywheel had failed car had done 37k. They replaced it and the clutch under extended warranty. Other things I found out that can cause a clutch to judder would be condensation on the clutch plate or a contaminated clutch i.

Hopefully it will be covered by warranty whatever it is. Had the very same thing on my 58plate B8 tdi. Lasted til 20k with it, mentioned in when it when in for first service, ended up being in for 2 weeks, new clutch and flywheel fitted.

Was super smooth after that.Sometimes when releasing the clutch in first gear, the car stutters and shakes. It doesn't do it all the time so I don't know if the clutch is starting to go out, if it needs to be adjusted or if it's some other issue. I bought the car new and it's just started doing this. If it is the clutch, it would have to be determined if it is just a mechanical issue or if there is contamination of the clutch facing due to an engine oil leak for example.

The recommended service to have this problem diagnosed and resolved is a clutch system inspection. If you request that service, the responding certified mechanic will identify the cause of the problem and estimate the repair.

If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you. Q: When releasing my clutch in first gear, it stutters and vibrates the car. My car has miles. My car has a manual transmission. Kevin Gainer Automotive Mechanic. Thank Kevin. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful?

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Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Car is Shaking or Vibrating - Symptoms and Fixes Included

Home Questions. Year I don't know. What others are asking hard to shift into gear Hi there. There should be no reason to bench bleed the clutch master Read more. Is it possible to take used key fob and reprogram it? Hi there. You could reprogram a key fob to a different vehicle as long as the key is the same for the vehicle. In this case, if the key can go into the doors and unlock them, then you would Humming noise in rear while driving A humming noise is typically caused by loose exhaust components or possibly road debris that was run over and caught in the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Juddering when pulling off in first gear

A test drive of the vehicle will be needed to determine where the sound Related articles.User Name Remember Me? I just started having a problem where when I take off in 1st gear from a stop the car shudders and shakes badly but once I take off it will not shake any more no matter how hard or easy I am on the fuel. I was thinking it was a broken motor mount but everything looks fine, at least to me it does.

So now I don't know where to look next. Will this be a symtem of a problem with the clutch or flywheel possibly. None of the mounts look deterorated but they seem to me like they do move quite a bit and if you watch the engine with someone working the clutch the engine seems to move more than I would think it should.

Also for about 6 months now if I go over a rough bump or take a turn to fast I will have a pop noise come from the front end. I jacked the car up to look at the front end and never could find anything out of the ordinary, so maybe the two are related.

This is driving me nuts and between my wife and I we drive this car alot, please any help or suggestions is appreciated. TDI bought with ,mi. Timing belt replacement ,mi. Last edited by dmaxwayne; February 4th, at So nobody has anything to say on this???

I would have thought that this would have been a common problem that alot of people have seen or delt with. TDI s : New Beetle manual. This could be anything from a bad motor mount, failing DMF dual mass flywheel or a failing clutch.

Being as it only seems to be a problem on take-off, I'm guessing clutch. It seems a bad mnt. Is there any noise to go along with these symptoms? I would pull the emergency, raise the hood, do some slow partial clutch engagements and have a friend observe your motor and any noises that go along with it.

It may not point directly to the problem but possibly eliminate the motor mount theory anyways I did the in gear with foot on the brake test and it seemed to me that the engine moves alot, at least alot more than I would have thought and there isn't any different sounds that I can hear. With the car on jack stands when watching the dog bone mount on the bottom it really stretches the rubber mounted to the subframe it looks like it wants to pull it out of the metal bracket, looks like it stretches out about inches past where it normally is with engine turned off.Remember Me?

BMW Models. Car shudders when letting cluth out on first gear Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Car shudders when letting cluth out on first gear Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hello all. I have a BMW i manual sedan with k miles on it. For the last 10k miles or so, the car has been behaving quite strangely.

When pulling away in first gear as I let off the clutchthe entire car shudders This only happens when in first gear, and only some of the time. It seems like it only happens when starting the car after it's been resting a long time i. After a few minutes, the problem seems to go away My first thought is that it's the clutch, since I'm at k miles and it's about time for that type of replacement.

However the rest of the gears seem fine I am thinking of replacing the clutch and flywheel just to see if this problem goes away, even though i bet I could get another 10k out of this clutch. The gears don't seem to be slipping. Last week I replaced the engine mount, since a few of the bolts were rusted, and my mechanic said that could be the issue I still have the same shuddering as before. Any ideas? I haven't seen this on BMW but on other cars I have owned what you have may mean the springs on the pressure plate are weak.

It takes the most torque to start the car moving, and if the PP springs are weak the car may shudder. I'm just passing that along fwiw; I don't have any personal knowledge about it. But if that's the cause, be sure to look for and resolve any leaks when you install your new clutch. My car does something similar Hey all, I have the exact same car i with close to the same mileage k miles and have been trying to figure out the problem for months.

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Just wondering if anyone has figured out exactly what the problem is? Any insight would be much appreciate. Hi Darien. That's a pretty old thread you could start your own maybe. My car will occasionally do that as well, specially after its all nice and warm. I don't think its a problem and I revel it a little more and feather the clutch some. It's so occasional that I don't worry about it. Clutch is fine otherwise? Mine seems like it may be a different issue. It usually happens more when the car is "cold".

It's very odd because some days it will shudder violently when letting the clutch out, and some days it's barely noticeable. It was violent all last week, I didn't drive this weekend, and today it was perfect.

My mechanic believes it's the clutch or hot spots on the flywheel. He also said the problem may clear up.My car jerks and shudders when I press down on the accelerator but stops when I take my foot off the pedal. An acceleration problem is usually the result of insufficient fuelair, or spark during the combustion process.

Worn-out spark plugs or the electrical cables attached to them are one of the most common causes of cars stuttering. A deficient spark plug causes the engine to misfire, making your car jerk when you accelerate. The engine may also be much noisier than it normally is, sounding more like an aeroplane taking off than a car.

There may also be a rotten egg smell. If the issue is something as straightforward as faulty spark plugs, you may have the know-how to change them yourself. You may also be able to unclog minor blockages with a good catalytic converter cleaner. It only includes garages that provide quality work and exceptional customer service, giving you peace of mind if your car needs attention.

car shudders when pulling away in 1st gear

Find a garage. When I set off in first gear, my car sometimes stutters and shakes until I put it into a higher gear.

car shudders when pulling away in 1st gear

The most likely reason that a car jerks when accelerating from stop is a problem with the clutch. It could be due to worn-out friction material or a pressure plate defect or combination of both.

It could also be caused by an oil leak contaminating the clutch plate. This is best left to a professional to deal with. Replacing a clutch is a specialised repair, so take your car to a reliable garage to get the work carried out. My car is very shaky and jerks when I accelerate at low speed but is fine in the higher gears. As well as some of the causes of car stuttering mentioned earlier, moisture in the distributor cap can also make a vehicle jerk when accelerating.

If your car is parked overnight in cold temperatures, condensation can form inside the distributor cap, causing the engine to misfire when accelerating at low speeds. Another possibility is a problem with the engine mounts, which hold the engine in place to the chassis.

A mounting that is loose, worn or broken will cause your car to vibrate at low revs. Parking your vehicle in a garage or outside porch will help to prevent moisture from forming.

car shudders when pulling away in 1st gear

If you have to park your car on the street, a thermal cover can help to reduce the risk of condensation. Along with faulty spark plugs, a build-up of dirt and grime is the likely cause of cars stuttering when idle.

A clogged filter or fuel injection system can starve your engine of fuel or oxygen, causing your car to judder and shake. As a car ages and racks up thousands of miles of wear and tear, its valves can become blocked with sludge.

Crankshaft engine diagram diagram base website engine diagram

If the judder only happens when idling, it could be a small leak on the vacuum side of the engine, or a worn-out electrical component such as the crankshaft sensor. Your garage can have a look under the bonnet and run diagnostics tests to find the root cause of the problem. As a preventative measure to keep your car running smoothly in future, regularly check your engine for signs of dust and dirt clogging up the system, and make sure you have your car serviced once a year or every 10, miles.

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Hi I'm hoping someone can help me, maybe give some ideas as to what could be causing this problem and how costly it will be to get fixed!!!

I brought a renault scenic alize about 5 or 6 weeks ago it's 9 years old. Has just developed a really strong judder I call it kangarooing this started yesterday and was only when starting up so in 1st gear, problem was gone when going into 2nd.

Juddering in 1st and 2nd gear? Any ideas?

However today it is also doing it in 2nd. It was always difficult to get into 1st gear - takes a bit of force. My immediate thought was that I was putting it straight into 3rd but I'm definitely not and now it's doing it in 2nd too anyway. It's really strong juddering the whole car jumps up and down, quite scary. Has been serviced regularly, last done 06 and had an mot in April. Please any ideas? I'm so worried and gutted especially as I've only had it just over a month.

Perm any one of a thousand causes. Check gearbox oil level. If thats ok then might be needing a new clutch. I have a cunning plan! Proud to be dealing with my debts. Thanks to both of you. Do you know of anyway to check the gearbox oil level as in the manual it just says to consult a renault dealer.? Ah, the manual, that little old chest-nut, at the end of each section,"refer to main dealer", bless 'em.

Unfortunately, most mdern Reanault gear-box's are sealed units with a measured amount of oil put into the gear-box prior to being fitted, via the speed sensor hole. Therefore the only way to be certain is to drain the box then re-fill it with the correct amount. MortgageMamma Forumite 6. I have had this problem several times with my renault megane and it was something to do with the fuel injection.

It is a progressive problem, it starts as a slight judder like a misfire and then it becomes more aggressive. If you take it to garage and get them to run a diagnostic programme on it this should idenfity if this is the cause.

Good luck, I'm just going to lease something a bit more reliable as this is my second megane and both had numberous problems! I am a Mortgage Adviser.

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You are quite right, each spark plug has it's own coil and if one fails you will experience juddering. The reason for this is the coils operate in pairs, ie 1 and 4, 2 and 3, so if one fails two cylinders are affected.Register a free account today to become a member!

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Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Juddering when pulling off in first gear. Thread starter dannysayer Start date Feb 18, Not sure if anyone knows what this could be before i take it back to Renault.

When I pull off the car judders, only does it in first gear. Has only started last few days. Its a MK3 Clio 1. Thanks for any information. It feels more like a clutch judder personally. Would not have thought that the clutch would have worn on a car which is 17 months old. Drives fine once moving. Sadly i can't help you but the reason I asked is because i have exactly the same problem on my A clutch judder when pulling away only, i'm assuming it means the clutch is on it's way out but that seems strange for a 17 month old car.

Clio Dynamique. Is your car not still under Renault's three year warranty? Just tell them to fix it! Think I will be off to Renault. Thanks anyway. Yep it is still under warranty with Renault, Just wondering if anyone has had problems on here. Nissan sx. Clutches can wear out quickly especially if treated badly ie luanching, riding the clutch etc. Thanks alot. My tce does the same thing. Has done for months. If you find out what the problem is please let me know.

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